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Need a little break this week? You're going on a Field Trip!

What was your favorite field trip when you were little? Mine was a visit to a holographic factory in my home state of New Jersey. I wonder if that's why I love shiny, sparkly things to this day...

I know that many of us are missing travel & trips, so I've created a Field Trip for you. Four quick links, four little bites that you can explore when the time is right this week. When you're stressed & need to escape, when you have a moment alone & want to discover something new, when your mind is racing & you need a breather...all great reasons to remember you've got a Field Trip to take!


The Afterlife of Flowers. I'm always so bummed when fresh flowers die. I never even thought to hang onto them! Now, I'll be just as excited to see them go. Re-imagine what you can do with flowers. Re-imagine what you can put on your walls. Bring nature inside & surround yourself with it.


I want to outlaw inauthentic & automatic sorry's. Heartfelt, authentic apologies? Love em', yes, more of that. But saying sorry out of conditioning, habit & fear? Nope. Gotta go. Saying "sorry" too much undermines the power of our words & hurts us. This short article provides actions so we can practice removing the word from our vocabulary. Let's stop apologizing for our very existence!


Be Still and Know. LeAnn Rimes has a new album & it's not what you'd expect. Her album Chant: The Human & The Holy is my go to for meditations, peaceful walks, and just taking a moment for myself. Take 3 minutes when you most need it this week. Stop. Press Play. Close your eyes. Love on your heart. Reconnect to yourself.


Whaaaaat is this magical place? Do me a favor -- look through these images of the Soul Nebula (neighbor to the Heart Nebula) & tell me you don't see faces among the stars. The Soul Nebula is being carved out by star winds, which create large, dense pillars that have stars forming at their tips. Mind blown. Soul on fire. Curiosity piqued. Take me there.

Field Trip #1 officially in the books! What'd you think?​ Let me know --

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