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Live Wire #8 // Elements

You can read this or you can listen to it for a different experience. This email's a bit different than those before, because I didn't sit down this week & writej this message. I sat down this week to write & what came to mind instead was a message I heard & transcribed back in December 2022 during a meditation/visit to the Akashic Records. "You've always known this was a message to be shared. Share."

Your ears to the trees. Your face to the stones. Your fingers running through the water. Finding comfort in the fire at your feet.

What you're remembering are the elements. The simple things. Love. pain. Longing. Loneliness. Isolation. Simple joys. Belonging. It’s not about the intricate details of your past lives, your fractal lineage. It’s about holding space for the simple facts and simple truths to come through.

That your being permeates everything. The trees the stones the fire the wind the air. These are the constants. The comforts. The things that survive when you do not. So get to know them.

They are your ancestors. Your past lives. Your friends. Your truth. Your true self. Sunlight, rays, raindrops, wind swirling…all those you’ve loved before. All those iterations of you you’ve forgotten. You don’t have to remember the bodies, the people, the personalities. You just have to remember the elements. The parts. That make up the whole.

Just like your guides. You do not need to name them all. Just know the parts that make up the whole. Support. Loyalty. Unconditional love. Guidance. Truth. Trust.

In getting to know the elements intimately, you will begin to see that you will return to them again someday. A co-mingling. Literally. And energetically. It is not to be feared. But revered.

You can do terrible things when part of the earth’s ecosystem. Tsunamis and earthquakes and volcanoes and tornadoes and hurricanes. These are happening more and more and more. Not to kill. But to shake up. To shift. To move. To unearth. To unleash. You are a part of the terrible things that happen to people. It is your nature. As human yes, but also as nature, as mother earth. As divinity.

Harming and disturbing is part of you. In being itself, water harms. In being itself, wind harms. In being itself, fire harms. In being itself, earth harms. And we forgive it. Because it is just its nature.

Imagine destruction on a mass scale. What are you doing in your own life that is anywhere close to that? The answer is nothing, dear one. It’s ok to be you. It’s ok to go with your nature, instead of against it.

Embrace it. Own it. The power that comes with living and breathing. Not everyone can withstand your heat. Your tidal wave. Your gust of wind that knocks them off their feet. And that’s ok. It’s as it should be.

Let us flow through you. Whatever comes. Come what may. We will flow through you with the proper force necessary for every moment.

The next part is up to you. You can keep struggling to find your truth. Or, maybe just accept that you are here.

What if this is enough right now? Imagine. All you had to do was open your eyes. Use your ears. Start to feel. Activate your true five senses. Be. This is how you stop doing. This is how you stop the pressure. This is how you create. This is how you live. Be. And the rest will flow. Through you. Into creation. Into existence. Into being.

We all go together. Elements. You’re never stuck if you just let us come through.

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