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The Tale of Ruth Bader GinsBern

My friend, Kate, has a Bernese Mountain Dog pup named Ruth Bader GinsBern. She's 3 years old & I love her. When she was a puppy, Ruthie had an accident that damaged her knees. Bernese already have a tough go with their hips, so even at the young age of 3, she's in a lot of pain.

Kate asked me if I'd access Ruthie's Akashic Records to see how she's doing, to ask whether she's OK or whether the pain is too much.

So I visited Ruthie & snuggled up with her on the floor to ask her consent. It's not as clear as asking a human, but I took her handshakes, love punches, kisses, and extreme eye contact as a resounding yes.

I went home & accessed the Akashic Records on Ruthie's behalf. This was the FIRST time I had ever tried to read for an animal, so I had no idea what to expect or whether it would even "work." Spoiler alert: it worked, and it blew me away. Here's what I received:


Watch her. Watch her as she lays about. There is still a spark in her eyes, there is still a spark in her heart, there is still a spark in her mind that tells her to live. You know her. She absolutely does NOT want to go! "Nope. Hard pass. I like it here." She will need to go soon. But not today. Not yet. Watch her. Not until you see that spark in her eye diminish. Not until the pain becomes too much for her to bear.

Pain is what she signed up for. Pain is OK. Pain is hard but in pain you see the world differently. You lean in to the rest, the repose, to the quiet, to the still. You hear differently. You see differently. You feel the rest of life differently. She is a soul just like you. She chose a life to lead, a lesson to learn. It is not a tragedy that she was hurt. It is not a tragedy that she must go young. It just is.

Protect, protect, protect, is her only thought, her only concern, and she will get more single-minded, more one track mind as time draws near. Watch her. When she loses the spark, the drive, the need, the will to protect, she has done her job and learned in stillness and in pain the lessons she came here to learn. Then it's OK to let her go. Then you must let her go. But let her choose. She loves all of this too much to give up in the face of pain.


So then I asked for more details about her, why she's here, who she was before, and I saw a man's face. He was super skinny. Bony, all arms & legs. Think Ichabod Crane-style. Buttoned up. Strict. Sharp. Controlled. And the word "schoolmaster" came clearly to mind. I could see kids at their desks, and he was just very clearly a teacher. And then I received:


A schoolmaster with love in his heart, but not willing to show it. Cold & crisp. Students kept at a distance. At arms' length. A tough veneer, a hard shell to crack. So much love but unwilling or unable to show it. He lost a student, and it wasn't his fault, but if only he had shown that he cared more, if only he had intervened, helped, had a heart, it wouldn't have happened. Guilt, blame, shame. what a life for him to lead now. As Ruthie. An open heart. Little arms wrapped around him all day. Unconditional love & attention. Able to lick & smile & kiss & snuggle with all. Any time. And to protect, fiercely, as he felt he failed to do before. A nip, a growl, can't be helped sometimes, a remnant of the schoolyard days, a remnant of the strict nature with which he ruled the classroom. Do not fear the bite, just watch her.

She will learn much in her final days, reflection in the stillness, reflection through the pain. The pain is a teacher, just like she was. The pain is her reminder that she's here for a reason and not just to run and romp and play. She's here to show love, to protect fiercely, to show all the hidden love that he never could show before. And hasn't she done that? An open heart. A smile. A love that fills the house.


Oof. Instant tears for me. How sweet is that?? After I shared everything with Kate, including a mini-tarot reading that connected beautifully to the Akashic Record messages, it hit her that Ruthie has always refused to take pain medicine of any kind. No matter what delicious treat Kate hides it in, Ruthie will find it and spit it out. Every single time. It's like she knows there's something she doesn't want inside.

Here's how Ruthie reacted after Kate read her Akashic Record messages out loud to her. Apparently, she felt VERY seen & understood.

Thank you, Kate, for letting me share this story! And thank you, Ruthie, for trusting me to read your Records. xx

If you'd like to receive your own messages from the Akashic Records, I offer full readings via email and a new Akashic/Tarot combo for Spring. Here's the link to my offerings. If you're dying to receive messages for your pet...let me know! I had such a magical experience with Ruthie & I'd be happy to help you discover the secret life of your pet.

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