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Image by David Monje

UNRAVEL // soul 


souvenir: (noun) (French) // memory


On any journey, you pick up souvenirs to remind you of the experience. Little memories tucked away in your suitcase.


When you access your Akashic Records, you ask your guides to reveal for you the souvenirs your soul picked up on its travels in this lifetime & beyond.


These souvenirs help you to remember who you are.

Lessons to learn. Gifts to own. Doors to open.

Purpose to discover. Power to embrace. 

Ready to see yourself in a new light?



The Akashic Records store each of our soul's experiences, like a Library. So when you access your Records, you can ask any open-ended questions about your past, your purpose, your gifts,  your why. 

No matter what you ask, you'll receive what you're meant to receive. For me personally, glimpses of past lives tend to come through for you, as well as messages accompanied by your animal guides.

The Akashic Records show you where you've been and provide options, guidance and direction on where you're meant to go next. 

What questions are weighing on  your heart at this moment?


The beautiful & wild thing about the Akashic Records is that it's a completely energetic transaction.

Your guides have messages for you, always.

I've just learned how to listen.


So far, the way I most love to channel your messages is through automatic writing. So we won't actually do anything together during your appointment time & there's no time commitment or energy expended on your part. Go about your day as normal.

I'll enter the Records on your behalf through a meditation/prayer process & I'll type up all the messages I receive for you. 

The PDF of messages I send you feels to me like a snapshot of your soul.

 And your soul is super beautiful. 

Image by Isaac Quesada


"What I can say about my reading with Kristin is that it gave me real comfort and peace during this uncomfortable and uncertain time of growth. The reading felt like I was being reminded of a truth that I didn't know I knew. Ultimately, I finished my reading feeling completely seen and recognized by the Universe. Totally understood and loved."

—  Stacey


"Working with the Akashic Records is a beautiful form of guidance to help bring you more clarity and healing in your life, relationships, business, and soul journey. These sessions help you reconnect to you, your heart, your wisdom, and your soul. The Akashic Records are a metaphysical library that's accessed energetically. It's filled with an infinite resource of information on your past lives, present life, and your future possibilities (nothing is set in stone due to the beautiful gift of our free will)." -- Ashley Mondor (

"Accessing the Akashic Records provides an energetic transmission at the root level of consciousness that is uplifting, inspiring and healing. The Records activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity." -- Ashley Wood (

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