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Live Wire #12 // Bedrock

Hi lovely, read on below if you're the readin' type. Or, choose to listen. Take a few minutes for yourself. Close your eyes. Breathe. My words become more of a meditation then, with a rhythm & a frequency all their own.

Whichever way you take it in, may it move you a fraction closer to knowing yourself deeply. Your direction. Your voice. Your purpose. Your power. You deserve to feel those things in the bedrock of your bones & to use them to re-balance yourself & our world.


7 years of venturing inward & I've just now touched bedrock.

It's the core of me. The thing within that does not change. The constant, the ever, the knowing, the truth, the depths.

It's the thing that is uniquely mine, no matter how cookie cutter our world is.

It's the thing that is most naturally me, no matter how many times I've tried to follow the crowd.

Maybe I've been asking myself the wrong question all along. Maybe it's not "Who Am I?" But,


Because this is a physical feeling inside my body.

A pulse.

A pressure.

A thumping.

A pull forward.

A beating, but not of my heart.

A knocking at a door. Let me out.

An arrival of something long suppressed.

A remembering of what I'm supposed to feel like.

The way I began this lifetime, before other people started whispering their words into my ears.

The little spark. The je ne sais quoi. That's been under here all along.

There is so much to discover here, too. I can feel it.

Entire cities within us. Entire webs of knowledge we've yet to touch. Power. Truth. Knowing. It's not out there somewhere for us to find. It's a softening inward. A melting. Into the body, your intuition, emotions, pain, sensitivity, deepest recesses. Release tension there. In every nook. Soften.

I have a not so secret hope that many of us will dare to unravel all the way to this core. That we'll tear apart our constructed & colonized inner & outer worlds on the way there. That we'll embrace with longing the uniquely weird mess of ourselves we abandoned long ago in favor of conformity. That in meeting ourselves we'll meet each other, circling up to worship the bedrock beneath us all.

Because from collective bedrock, we can start again. Building the cities of our dreams, rather than our nightmares.

The wisdom is in the bedrock.

Ancient. Indigenous. Hands on earth. Feet in grass. In tune with nature. In tune with the Spirit found there.

Everything else we've piled on top is not natural.

War is not natural.

Genocide is not natural.

Oppression & starvation are not natural.

What we have been taught to be is not natural.

Silencing some while letting others shout is not natural.

This world we've constructed & conformed to is not natural.

So please stop searching for your answers in an unnatural world.

It is natural to be yourself.

It is natural to be yourself.

But we've forgotten what that even looks like. Feels like. It's been buried so long.

You know this isn't it though, right?

This isn't all there is for you.

This isn't all there is of you.

There is more.

There is more.


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