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It's March already?? Slow it allll down with Field Trip #2

Take this Field Trip anytime this week, as you like. The waters of life are flowing fast right now, so maybe return here when you're in over your head or tired of being knocked about in the waves or feel stuck on an island with no support in sight. May this email be a safe haven, a homecoming, a calm lake, a lifeguard boat filled with hotties...whatever you need to get you back into flow.


No link here, because this image is enough of a trip on it's own. How much bigger our family is than we thought. How many struggles passed down to you through generations that you're meant to heal. How many ingrained stories passed down to you through generations that you didn't even realize were there. Let this ancestral math sink in & feel the immense family extending out behind you.


As Winter winds down, this is THE perfect time to let some things go. This empowering manifesto encourages you to banish the many "shoulds" in your life. How much of your exhaustion comes from "shoulds"? How do your "shoulds" make it harder for you to see what you really, actually, truly want & need?


This is pure & simple a salute to the supercoolness of ice. How gorgeous are these frozen methane bubbles under the surface of Lake Abraham?? You get a 2-for-1 double whammy of awesome here, because the link will take you to Sweden so you can spend a few minutes of bliss with singing ice (yes, that's a thing.)


I'm overcome with awe, emotion, reverence, respect & straight up gratitude that the Māori have shared something so sacred with us. I encourage you to learn about cultural misappropriation & to explore Māori traditions, but for this field trip, just watch this wedding video & let the power of Haka sweep you away.

How are you this week? What'd you take away from Field Trip #2? I'm ever-curious to hear.

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