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Live Wire #6 // Humanity

You can read this transmission or you can listen to it for added impact. There is a rhythm, an acoustic element to my words, so Click here for the full shebang. Plus, I'm cute.

We’re not meant to navigate this world on our own. Everything we feel, someone else feels. The emotions that make us feel lost – isolation, sadness, guilt, shame, unworthiness, loneliness, confusion, disconnection – are the same ones that would connect us if we just spoke up. It’s like a link between each of us that stays invisible until we start admitting that we’re human too.

I used to get jealous sometimes looking through Instagram, reading books, or listening to podcasts, because people had such good ideas, such good businesses, such good quotes & I felt like they got there first. They beat me to it. No point in sharing my thoughts when someone else had already said (better) what I had been thinking.

But, it’s not a competition. Life isn’t a competition. No matter what we’re taught. If you imagine what goes into creating a revolution or a movement, the more voices the merrier, right? So I started thinking of the world like that. If there’s someone who’s already posted or said something I too was feeling…how cool is it that I'm not alone, that someone else understands what I feel. I’ll post it too. I’ll amplify that voice by sharing it in my world. I’ll get that message out to one more person. There is so much that needs to change in our world. So why on earth would I compete with the people, like me, who are trying to make it better?

Each of us, in sharing our own version of a message, our own unique twist on a message, will resonate with someone new. In being vulnerable & open & uniquely ourselves, connection will occur. Sharing will bring into our lives the people who need to see our stories at that exact moment. It will bring into our lives those who will open our eyes to the next steps on our paths.

Don’t silence yourself because someone said it first.

Say it again, say it your way, say it louder.

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