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She snored like a trucker & had a thing for birds: Field Trip #4

March 22 is a good day. It's International Talk Like William Shatner Day (who knew? why not?) and more importantly, it's my Grandma Nelson's birthday. She was the person in my childhood who always made me feel safe & loved for exactly, precisely who I was. On nights when I slept over her house, we watched the Golden Girls together (I still worship Betty White) & then she'd have my sweet Grandpa sleep in the guest room so she & I could sleep together in their bed. She snored like a trucker. It was awesome. When this week gets hard for you (they always do), take a moment to remember the person from your childhood who made you feel most loved & safe for just being you. Give em' a hug. They're still around.

{Click the photos to be transported. Enjoy xx}


Blue whale hearts, birds made of birds, & figs made of wasps. So many sparks to blow your mind in such a short clip. See the world anew. Consider that maybe our purpose, our job, isn't to put ever more more more into the universe, but to listen & stay open to what the universe has already created.


This clip is soooo short {less than a minute}, but so very powerful. Who would you be without your story? If you, like me, would like an extra dose of Byron Katie in your life this week, click here for another short clip to see her work in action.


Harness the power of Spring & nature to remember what's really important to you, to shift perspective & realize that your life is really really miraculous, to stop time when it feels like you're racing through the world. "I wasn't afraid to die. I was more afraid that I hadn't lived."


After #1, I HAD to include starlings. Zen out for a moment & watch them fly together. How do they know what to do? How do they not bump into each other?! Pure magic, pure harmony. Imagine...what would our world look like if humans could remember to exist in such flow?

Sent with love & either a butterscotch candy or an orange TicTac from my Grandma's purse. Your choice!

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