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Take Field Trip #3 when you need to...SMILE

We're all videos today, cookie! Just feels precisely what we need at this very moment. Little clips, mini escapes. And I hope each of these makes you smile. As you travel through the links, embrace what resonates, leave behind what doesn't, and pass the love along to others who could use it. Thanks for being here with me. Go have a killer week.


There are so many different ways to see this world. Don't get stuck in one. Stretch your mind today & ponder: how would you describe the color gold to someone who couldn't see it?


Shed something that weighs you down & holds you back. How about a few email subscriptions you don't actually want cluttering your inbox AND SOUL? Listen to the clever lil' bop in this link & channel this guy ----> while you clear em' out!


Take a moment & connect to yourself, others, & something bigger than you. Be inspired by this powerful, profound & simple project. I dare you not to smile while you're looking at these sweet faces! Look into their eyes & feel that connection to your human family.


Fill your soul up with something new & wonderful. Like this woman. Her words. Her power. Her wisdom. Life is filled with so. many. clouds, yes! But it's also filled with so. many. damn. rainbows. Remember, you're here on this Earth to experience BOTH.

This Field Trip is injected with a whole lotta love. I hope you can feel it.

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